Can You Handle The Truth, Fancy Pants?

A lot of people don’t realize how difficult is to race. And ask it takes a lot of physical strength upper and lower body. The hardest thing about racing is the danger involved it’s hard to imagine most people I pick up a hobby so much danger or even lookto a career with the breaks are not going to spine be paralyzed or even die

Motocross Helmet Head

Nice Pants, Dude!

I’ve often heard people say things like what’s the big deal? Why is it even sport? All your doing is driving around the track and jumpingover dirt piles. But I would challenge any of the skeptics to even last two or three laps around the track. It’s not something you just pick up and do and you have to be really good physical condition to be able to enjoy the grueling conditions of racing.

Not to mention dexterity and physical coordination are huge part of racing as well. Your body must react at every turn every tip and every jump. And what’s more if you fail to react , it could be your own death. There are not many space sports that involve this kind of risk. Not taking in consideration the stress on your mind and being able to still perform.

Obviously there are a lot of barriers to entry for racing. Motocross tends to be one of the more expensive activities. If someone is interested in rising and cant afford it there are always alternatives can buy used equipment you can borrow things for your friends and many other options.It is actually one of the most exciting activities to be involved in. However for mostpeople the excitement involved certainly does not outweigh the great risk that comes with motocross racing.

So ride safe

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