DC Socks

Get the Best Quality Machine-Washable DC Socks for Kids

Get the Best Quality Machine-Washable DC Socks for Kids

Made by a reputable manufacturer known for classy designs, durable, long lasting products and high

quality manufacturing techniques, DC socks for kids are available at a great price while retaining many of

the advantages that those who regularly buy DC apparel and outerwear have come to know.

The socks were made to offer an excellent blend between comfort, durability and a well-designed

fabric, being considered by experts and buyers alike to be one of the most appealing choices for active


The Benefits of Using DC Socks for Kids

Made from a carefully chosen mix of 80% cotton, 15% nylon/polyamide and 5% spandex, DC socks are

among the most popular, affordable, durable and comfortable, socks for kids that parents have been

interested in buying as of late.

With the quality cotton and advanced manufacturing techniques used as part of their manufacturing

process, the socks have proven to possess many remarkable hidden qualities, some of which may be

difficult to find in other products:

• Soft, comfortable and with the natural feel of cotton fiber, the socks are virtually perfect to keep

up with your children’s active timetable, the mixture of fiber materials allowing for both a comfy

feel and catchy appearance.

• DC socks for kids are machine washable, and unlike many cotton and wool socks out there, they

are much less prone to wear and tear as a result of prolonged and increased washing.

• The durability of these cotton socks will be visible even during the most demanding times, even

when your little ones play or enjoy sporting activities all day long.

• They are far more breathable than most socks, without, however, sacrificing the benefit of heat

insulation while wearing kids dc shoes.

• Since many children are prone to allergic reactions, selecting the ideal pair of socks is definitely

not an easy task. DC socks are made from the highest quality cotton which has been proven to

cause fewer allergic reactions compared to other materials.

• The socks are also provided with assorted, natural looking colors and the DC logo, all arranged

into a simple design that your kids will be very fond of.

Quality Socks for Future Sporting Champions

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, these DC socks for kids prove to be very appealing, both in

terms of look and feel, while offering something of interest to parents and children alike.

Your kids will love the way these socks feel even after they spend all day running, playing and competing

against their schoolmates in various sporting events. Additionally, the socks were made to withstand

increased moisture and strain, while also protecting your child’s feet in the case of prolonged use and


For an exceptionally affordable price, you get a full package of three pairs available in three assorted

colors: blue, white and black. Moreover, you will get all the advantages described above and many

others, all contributing to turning these socks into an exceptionally appealing bargain at http://www.Ride1.com.

DC socks for kids have become an extremely popular choice for children, whether they need a durable

pair of socks for outdoor activities or a clothing item designed to be comfortable and to prevent


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