Da Kost of Kickin It Krazy

Okay so let me just rant to allow for the ridiculous cost of participating in any sort of motor cross sports. What is it like one bazillion dollars for the bike helmet and gloves the boots the gear. And they were we supposed to ride. Pay some sort of fee to get into some kind of park. Go to your buddies house who actually has property that you can Tara. I mean whose parents actually can afford to let them just destroy their acreage. Just for some fun recreation.

I mean is this sport for rich kids or what? I’ve been riding my old thrashed gear for three years now. I don’t dare to buy anything new. My boot to tear up my gloves or disgusting. Now I’m just kidding. I never even touched a motocross bike. But that’s what I’m always wondering. One time I built a Motocross track over my septic tank on the property!

What is life like for pro rider? What is life like for a amateur writer? What is it like for someone isn’t even amateur just wants to do it looking for place to ride it’s just mind blowing. I mean going to play soccer all I got to do is get a five dollars soccerball at Walmart.


I wish – Need I remind You

How are these kids doing it?

Okay so now you spent a bazillion dollars getting everything you need just to get started. So what comes next? Risking your life risking breaking your neck risking breaking your legs risking losing your legs. Maybe it’s the same, maybe it’s having the courage to do something that a lot of other people are too afraid to do. Maybe it’s just really being high up in the air. Maybe it’s the thrill of almost dying almost dying.

<<Sniffle>> Wowzers!

Oh and not to mention the hundred degree temperature where most desert area tracks actually exist. And on top of that how many degrees do you add packing up and all that motocross gear.

I got to give it to you motocross guys must really love what you do because I don’t know why elseyou would risk so much suffers too much just to do something that seems so crazy.


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