Achieve Optimal Comfort and Protection with the Fox Youth Radeon Helmet

2014 Fox Youth V1 Radeon Helmet GreenWhether you’re a bike race and motocross enthusiast or are simply interested in staying as safe as

possibly on twisty countryside roads, the Fox Youth Radeon helmet has something to offer to anyone

who’s in the market for highly efficient bike helmets.

High Level EPS Protection

Available in up to 6 different sizes, lightweight and manufactured to provide an optimal level of

comfortable airflow, the Fox Youth helmets were made to exceed most riders’ expectations in terms of

safety and reliability:

• To enhance airflow, the Fox Youth Radeon helmet has been fitted with 7 intake and 4 exhaust


• The injection molded polycarbonate shell was designed to maximize the helmet’s structural

integrity and adequately reduce any strong impact to prevent head injury;

• With a dual density EPS liner, the helmet was made as an optimal safety option for freeriders

and backcountry riders;

• Most of these models comply with all the standards for both Snell and DOT certificates.

Basically, there are very few helmets that could compete with the Fox Youth Radeon helmet in terms of

the practical safety features they provide. What’s even better about the Fox Youth product, however, is

that it also looks and feels really cool at the same time.

Fit and Comfort

Fox Youth helmets were designed with two sets of small-large sizes, both for standard and youth

selections. Regardless of the size you need, therefore, these helmets were made to fit perfectly in order

to make your riding experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible and also store easily.

To provide the best fit, Fox Racing also offers different EPS sizes, delivering a wider array of options for

biking enthusiasts who are truly interested in a helmet that can blend in with their slightest movements.

In a race, this aspect, together with the quality comfort provided by the dual density liner and the vents

designed to flow an optimal amount of air at each time through the helmet’s structure, can all prove to

be decisive factors in obtaining a better result.

Better Value for the Price

According to most of the Fox Youth Radeon helmet reviews out there, the high end architecture

conferring excellent protection and a perfect fit are among its main highlights, however, the price of the

helmet itself is quite an asset as well. Most models belonging to this class of helmets can be bought at

an extremely advantageous price online.

The true value that Fox Youth helmets provide can easily be monitored by comparing them to various

other brands, many of which are only available at a price even two times higher than what Fox Racing

has to offer for the same level of quality.

These newest models are also up to par with the most modern graphics developed by Radeon, together

with a variety of catchy designs featuring red color choices to impress all your peers.

With a cool appearance that rivals all its competitors and accurately designed features built to maximize

fit and promote reliable impact protection, the Fox Youth Radeon helmet is basically in a class of its

own, continuing to exceed the expectations of young motocross and cross country riders alike.

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