Legit Fools

One time I went to a professional motocross riders house. He had his entire backyard turn into a dirt track. He had ramps everywhere. He had foam pits and several bikes.


He had also invited over several other rider friends. What I saw was amazing and terrifying. They were flipping and jumping letting go of their bikes almost completely kicking their legs over the handlebars. The tricks that they were doing were just ridiculous. I cannot believe what they were risking. And I wanted to myself just if it was actually worth it. How much money were they making doing this kind of thing.

Ridiculous was the word that kept coming to mind. Not that I think they’re ridiculous necessarily but it became sort of a new slang word for me. A word that describes how awestruck I was but what they were doing. I wondered if these people have families or children. I wondered if after all they were doing and how hard they were trying they could even actually make a living at it.

And if the people riding out there actually just waiting for the turn to compete and even after they competed not going anywhere or receiving any reward for what they were putting themselves through.

It was obviously very physically taxing. I can imagine that any of them went you’re even a year without breaking a bone or pulling some sort of muscle or being bedridden for a couple of days. I would describe the sport as out right deadly. Which is intriguing. So many young people are interested in it and take it up and further so many parents seem to allow them to you.

So what is obsession with high-risk action sports. I guess risking a lot has always been a thrill for people. And that’s what draws crowds.


Stay Safe!

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