Motocross Helmets Save Lives

Before we get into anything else, let’s lay the ground rules. I have personal reasons to be an advocate of protecting your noggin.

When you’re looking for motocross helmets you got to think about a lot of things. You got think about how hot it gets. You got to think about how heavy that helmet is. And if your gonna break your neck just because you are trying to protect your skull and your brain. There’s no reason to go through all the brands of helmets out there. The best ones are the best ones and the cheap ones are the cheap ones. You can get a used one if you don’t mind another rider’s sweat. Actually it’s not that bad of an idea to get a used helmet – just clean it up really well. Motocross helmets can cost a lot of money- in fact all motocross gear is a total rip off when you think about it.

I mean you have got to buy gloves, pants, shirts, boots- all kinds of stuff . It definitely ain’t easy being a poor kid trying to ride motocross. But the one thing it’s super foolish to go without is a helmet. I think good boots are probably second. Helmets are a big deal (get schooled HERE) because you look through them you breeze through them and they keep your brain intact and keep your spine from breaking when they’re not too heavy. Riding a dirtbike has a lot to do with balance and being able to focus. You don’t want to worry about your helmet yanking you around or blocking your vision or making it hard to breathe. it isn’t easy to find a helmet that’s the right size and the right fit. A lot of people spend a lot of time and a lot of money trying to get helmets just right. It’s hard to know where to buy the best motocross helmet. It’s hard to know what is the best motocross helmet brand also. It’s actually kind of ironic how much of a headache finding a good helmet can turn out to be. Now style, color and designs- all that’s a whole other problem.There’s nothing worse than your buddies giving you grief all day long because your helmet looks silly. I don’t know why people care about that stuff. I mean aren’t we just supposed to do tricks and hit jumps. I guess you got to do what you got to do to lay low. Maybe just stick with something a little bit neutral like black. And try not to get any kind of artwork that’s easily dated so people are taking cheap shots at how old and broke your helmet looks. You can always straight represent witcho G-cap on the cheap.


Motocross Helmet Head Alternatives

But in spite of all that it still got to be just right. You don’t want to feel all sweaty all the time. You don’t want your peripheral blocked. You don’t want to feel like it’s suffocating you . There’s a lot to think about when you look for motocross helmet. Maybe try on one of your buddy’s . Or borrow someone else’s nasty sweaty stinky helmet and take it home for a little while and see if it works out. Your motocross helmet is a big deal . You got to get it right. I don’t know… It’s pretty important though.You’ll figure it out. It’s cool to be safe yo!

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