Old Dogs

It seems like every year motocross just gets crazier and crazier. It’s almost like it started with someone getting on some old junky motorcycling hopping over a little ramp. And then nowadays it’s quadruple backflips and high-fiving in the air. And the crowd roar and camera flash. We just eat it up.

So where does it all and what doesn’t. It seems like someone’s always reinventing any creative way to take greater and greater risks. Is it exciting? Maybe. Is it actually just more of the same the same? Maybe.


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I just like a lot of other sports like surfing skateboarding where checks from 10 or 20 years ago just seems silly now and people actually only do them to pay homage work to do a classic throwback for a moment tongue-in-cheek. It always seems like we need something more whenever happy what we got. But somehow every year someone seems to come up something new and something different keep it exciting.

Sometimes I wonder if you can actually imagine maybe three or four years in advance what would be amazing and to skip over the next year’s slight variation on last year’s big trick. I mean is a few more rotations or a few more degrees or a few more seconds in the air are a few feet higher really really that much more exciting or interesting. Especially for people who can’t even do the most basic parts of it.

At what point does it become crows trying to impress other pros and the spectators don’t even recognize the difference anymore? It’s almost like sometimes the significance of the new trick has to be explained to the audience or sometime on the screen. I wonder if one day they will have to have their own applause signs flashing at the events because people don’t really care about how much bigger better the latest trick is .

The one thing is for sure these guys come out and do it again and again and they got a lot of creativity to keep the ball rolling. And not only their brave enough to put the next on the line for whatever reason.

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